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Dog Bites and Injuries Caused by Animals

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Dog Bite and Animal Attack Lawyers in Port Charlotte

Most dogs and other animals are beloved companions and pets.  While most animals and pets are almost always peaceful and gentle, they are still animals that can suddenly bite or injure people.  This may occur due to the slightest provocation, or even for no real reason at all.  Generally, children are the most likely victim of a dog bite or other injuries caused by animals.

About Animal Attack Law in Port Charlotte

In Florida, owners of animals are “strictly” liable for animal attack injuries caused by them, meaning the mere  ownership of an animal that injures a person brings about responsibility on the part of the animal’s owner.  While issues such as the animal’s prior behavior and propensity to bite, the failure to post warning signs, and whether or not the animal was provoked are certainly relevant for consideration, none of these factors are required to impose responsibility on the owner of an animal that causes injury to another.

Serious Dog Bite and Animal Attack Injury

The period immediately following a serious dog bite or animal-caused injury can be overwhelming, especially if the injury is suffered by a young child.  Medical bills and care in cases such as these can submerge families into substantial medical debt.  While this is occurring, skilled insurance adjusters who represent the owner of the animal who caused the injuries will be working feverishly to protect their company’s and the animal owner’s interests, rather than yours.  Our formidable team can and will help you immediately.  We will do everything ethical in our power to aggressively pursue your rights against the animal owner and applicable insurance companies in order to achieve a fair pre-trial settlement or a favorable verdict after a hard-fought jury trial.

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We are proud to assist families befallen by a serious dog bite or other animal-caused injury, and accept referrals from many local attorneys when their clients are injured in such a manner.  The experience, skill, and integrity of the representation we provide our clients is confirmed by our firm’s AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest and most prestigious ranking awarded by the nation’s leading legal directory.  Our rating is based on the confidential opinions of other local attorneys and local judges who are best suited to assess the legal abilities of our firm.

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